The Deloitte team in Bermuda provides Audit, Tax, Financial Advisory, Actuarial, Secondment, Risk Advisory and Consulting services. We are a recognized leader in providing restructuring and liquidation (voluntary and court supervised) services to industries such as insurance, reinsurance, fund, real estate and property, and retail. Deloitte’s global network allows for complex cross border issues, with Bermuda holding companies holding assets in onshore and offshore jurisdictions, to be handled seamlessly.  Our specialized team with almost 40 years of combined experience has been a cornerstone of our success. In addition, the CEO of Deloitte Caribbean and Bermuda, who is based in Bermuda, has been appointed as Receiver in the industries noted above.

Rachelle Frisby



☎ +1 441 292 1500



Rachelle is the head of Financial Advisory in Bermuda and the British Virgin Islands, providing restructuring, forensic and dispute, business valuation, M&A transaction, and AML compliance services. She has almost 15 years of restructuring experience in Bermuda and has been appointed as Receiver, Permanent Liquidator, Provisional Liquidator, and member of Supervisory Boards. Her responsibilities have included implementing schemes of arrangement for reinsurance companies, negotiating proceeds from a synthetic equity interest, and overseeing the management of and selling commercial and personal property. Rachelle is a Fellow of INSOL International, a Certified Fraud Examiner, and a Chartered Professional Accountant in Bermuda and Canada. She also services on the board of the Restructuring and Insolvency Specialists Association of Bermuda.

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