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anchor Rechtsanwälte is a hybrid between a law firm and a management consultancy. The firm specialise in insolvency law, divided into the two areas of insolvency administration and insolvency consulting. For insolvency administration, this means that its core area of expertise includes continuing businesses as a going concern and restructuring companies by utilising all instruments allowed under the German Insolvency Code (insolvency plan, debtor-in-possession management, protective shield). The firm sees itself as service providers for all creditors and the insolvency courts. The firm believes in balancing the legitimate interests of all parties involved. In insolvency consulting the firm seeks to offer advice not only on legal issues but above all on practical, tactical and strategic aspects as well with a view to avoiding risks and overcoming crises. The firm brings all of its experience and know-how as insolvency administrators to bear. The firm also offers interim management and financial advice through anchor management GmbH.

Dr. Christof Schiller


Mannheim, Germany

☎ +49 0621/1 27 96 0

Dr. Christof Schiller is a partner who specialises in insolvency, management & shareholder counselling. His practice focuses on distressed M&A, trustee models & liquidation and international insolvency law. He is a member of the American Bankruptcy Institute, the American Institute of CPAs and the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

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Dr. Christoph Herbst


Munich, Germany

☎+49 089/28 78 81 0


Dr Christoph Herbst is a partner whose practice focuses on insolvency, management & shareholder counselling, distressed M&A, trustee models & liquidation, insolvency planning and international insolvency law. He is a member of the ABI (American Bankruptcy Institute), the Munich Lawyers Association (MAV), the German Lawyers Association (DAV), the Workplace Insolvency Law and Restructuring group (ARGE InsO) and INSOL Europe (INSOL Europe).

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Alexander Reus


Munich, Germany

☎ +49  089/28 78 81-0

Alexander Reus’ practice focuses on insolvency, management & counselling, distressed M&A, liquidation and insolvency planning. He also act as an CRO in debtor in possession cases. He is a member of the Munich Lawyers Association, the German Lawyers Association, the German-French Lawyers Association, INSOL Europe, TMA Europe, Forum 270 and the Chairman of the Board of the Association for Care and Integration of disabled children and adolescents.


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